Saturday, January 21, 2012

Next Project

I am thinking about my next project. I need to stick with knitting, yes. I'm just not sure it's for me yet. I don't want to give up too soon but after crocheting for so many years it feels odd to me having two needles instead of just one hook and the headaches I get after knitting is ridiculous. I've gotten some feedback that tension is common in beginning knitters and once I get the hang of it the headaches should stop. That sounds reasonable enough but I don't know what I should try to knit first. I don't really wear scarves so I was thinking of a simple knitted bag to use for groceries or some fingerless gloves. Next I need to think about what kind of fiber to go with. I hate acrylic. It makes my hands sweat and dries them out like no other... I'm thinking alpaca for the gloves if I do them and maybe a cotton for the bag if I do that... I would do natural colors either way so color isn't an issue with me.

I picked up a really cute book on natural baby stuff from the library yesterday. Once I get more confident in knitting I will try some of the projects in that book for my kids!

I need to finish my John Deere quilt which I will probably end up giving to Ruger since I haven't been able to make him a quilt. Then I just have to make Ivana a quilt. Evelyn already got her's for her  very first Christmas gift!

I'd also like to get some embroidery done so I can have some nice tea towels for my kitchen.

Did I mention I also want to make some rugs for my house? That will come next, after a knitting project or two. I'd like them for spring. I want to make a latchhook rug for the kids room, one for my bedroom and a few braided ones for the porch and mudroom and back door. I think that will help keep some of the dirt out this coming spring!

Well I guess I will stick with knitting for now and I'm thinking I will do the fingerless gloves since I can use them right away so I better get some alpaca yarn this coming week. Then I start collecting the things I need for my rugs since I will do those after my knitting, and after the rugs I will finish my John Deere farm quilt for Rugerman and then it will be perfect timing for embroidery!

By the time all these upcoming projects will be finished it should be about time to get outside and start gardening! I have been working on picking out seeds and what I'm planting. I'm keeping it super simple this year to maximize my time spent out in the garden and also planting "bigger" stuff in the garden and the smaller stuff in containers so my kids can come out in the garden with me and I won't have to worry about them "wrecking" it!

I'm so blessed to be living out in the country and raising the kids out here!


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  1. I finished the main part of my quilt last night =D but sadly, I am one tiny triangle short =( I'll have to do that on Saturday when I go to sew the five inch boarder on and the back. =) than I want to make a western one to enter in the fair =D my dad said I should make it with a large horseshoe on it. =) after that, a pink and yellow one specially for me xD