Monday, January 30, 2012

January Heat Wave, GF and other happenings

Not too much has been going on around here. Which has been kind of nice. At first when I came down with that nasty cold I was upset because, as a mom, getting sick makes life a lot more difficult. Then I remembered that its not what happens in life- its what you do with it that matters. So I did what one of my favorite inspirational sayings is "Today, I choose joy". Then a lot of things came into perspective. 

Since my entire body ached and I didn't feel like moving, I did the absolute bare minimum of housework and cooking which gave me more time to rest and take it easy which gave me more time to snuggle with my kids and watch some of their favorite movies. Nothing like a sick day watching Disney, Baby Einstein, and Blues Clues. Even though I was absolutely miserable, I really treasure those moments spent with my kids.

The weather has been absolutely mild. Granted since I've been ill I haven't been outside much to enjoy to 30 degree weather this weekend it is supposed to be in the 40's! What?! I know they were forecasting a drought this summer but I do believe we have actually had a drought this winter as well. We are missing over a foot of snow at this point in the winter! I know the crazy weather patterns might have some in the whole "2012" end of days theory but I don't think 12-21-12 will be the end of days but it could mean something will happen. Or maybe the guy writing the calendar just ran out of room like a cartoon suggested. Haha yeah, it will worry someone someday :) Not me. Seriously the world has to end some time, do people really think it will go on forever? I'm taking the advice given to us by Jesus. Take life day by day, don't worry about tomorrow because tomorrow is a different day. Yep, it makes the stress in life drop tremendously. Instead of micromanaging life to every second of the entire month you plan ahead for the knowns in life (kind of like when bills are due) and just go with it. Sure, pay your bills on time but really, how fun is life when you micromanage it. 

Lighten up, it's healthy.

Well the gluten free thing has been very interesting. I've learned so much about it in the past few weeks. There are things I like about other diets too that I will incorporate into our eating habits as well. I really liked what I read about the paleo diet and I still need to do more research but I do feel it is almost like a religion whereas just going gluten free isn't really aligning it to a lifestyle/religion so to speak. 

But at any rate I sleep better at night and the past two mornings I actually woke up feeling refreshed. The first time in about 4 years!!! It has been incredible! Nothing else changed except gluten in my diet. Even thought I get up once a night to feed the baby I still wake up feeling refreshed! The only problem with reducing and eliminating gluten from my diet without getting tested for intolerance or celiac is that you are supposed to continue eating gluten containing food when you get tested for those things. Oops. I have no desire to eat regular bread. It will be harder during holidays and when people offer me their home baked goodies BUT on the flip side I can expand even more on my cooking abilities by cooking GF.

I have found that since we have started eliminating gluten from our diets that our food has been a lot more varied, I cook more often and I'm starting to enjoy cooking for my family again. Cooking is not only an art but an act of love. I got so tired of cooking that my cooking actually started to taste bland (in my opinion). I've been including the kids in meal preparation which slows me down but they absolutely love it! They also love eating what they "helped" mama make! We've also tried out many new foods, new styles of foods. As I'm still nursing the baby I have to be careful with some of the spices (some of my favorites actually reduce milk supply) so I take advantage of the spices that I can safely use while nursing. 

I can't wait to go out shopping (another thing I used to dread) and get a few more new ingredients to cook with. I've learned so incredibly much researching going gluten free. The health benefits are huge, even for people who can tolerate gluten,  and our food repertoire has grown, my pantry expanded, my love for  cooking revived. Yes, going GF has brought life to our diets and spice to our life and we all feel better for it. My kids, oh my goodness my kids have really started growing FAST since changing diets. It is absolutely incredible. I find it interesting that baby is a LOT less gassy since I stopped gluten too. I wonder if that means she is sensitive? Hmmm, I will have to find out and ask her doctor next checkup. 

Well I will stop rambling for now, just wanted to post something before the end of the month! As I get time I will update on my GF cooking experiences!!

~country livin'~

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