Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Planning ahead for Spring

I really haven't gotten cabin fever. . . yet. . .

But now as I am getting better from that awful cold I got, I was coming up with a game plan to get the house back in order as well as continue my organization and simplifying.

A little fabulous chocolate and a coffee later I finally came up with some ideas.

So here is my little game plan.

1: Don't over do it, I'm just getting over a sickness now is not the time to marathon purge.
2: Do as many dishes as my hot water allows, then the rest can be finished tomorrow.
3: Laundry: I'm already caught up on it save one load. Tomorrow I can do a full load. :) whew.
4: Organize ONE and I repeat ONE thing. (Since I am already doing extra cleaning I decided to take it easy on myself and sort through the maternity clothes I have in the 'I don't need' pile.)
5: In the coming days I will sort through everything on the front porch and then start putting my rummage items on the porch.
6: Have a huge rummage sale this spring.
7: Donate all remaining items
8: Enjoy the results and remaining simplification of the house!
9: Results of the rummage: Hopefully money, meet some new people, un needed/ un used items gone from my house!!!
10: Don't accumulate stuff again which means organize ONE and I repeat ONE thing daily, no matter how small. It will prevent accumulation again, hopefully.

Well, time to finish my coffee and get back to work planning ahead for spring!


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