Sunday, January 8, 2012

Casting On

So I finally decided to take the time today to start to learn to knit. I accomplished a few things today! I can do a pretzel twist slip not and give myself a headache. I was trying way too hard to figure out something simple.

Then I remembered YouTube. Yep I sat around and gave myself a headache and wasted half of the kids naptime (my quiet time) when all I had to do is read my book then go online and watch a video. I'm casting on like nobody's business. haha step one: accomplished.

I figure I should know a few basic stitches by the end of the week if I work during the kids naptime practicing gauge and various stitches. It will not be in vain. I will be putting all my experimenting together into an afghan at the end so all is not lost or a waste!

I also got hooked on Pinterest. There are so many neat ideas on there! I forgot about rug making totally but I used to LOVE latch hook rug making as a kid. Since I have already committed to learning to knit first this year I will put rug making on hold right now because I only want one project at a time. There is plenty of time in the year to learn new things.

I'd like to get better at sewing but that might have to wait until next year. Depending on how fast I pick up at knitting and if I decide its something I enjoy doing. I'd like to find something that I enjoy doing. Don't get me wrong I like to crochet but I really don't like the finished look. I do prefer the finished look of knitting though- which is why I am learning how to knit.

As I was trying to figure out how to cast on after the kids nap time my daughter was watching very intently and I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to start to knit or do something like that in the next few months.

It is so neat to see how fast kids pick up on stuff and how much they want to imitate their parents.(Well we all know that stage doesn't last long!)

~Happy crafting~

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  1. dude, take my example, I quit trying to knit about 2, or was it 3? 4? anyway! a lot of times :P but in case you don't want to quit, good luck! and could you teach me to do the rugs sometime? I have thought about that before :D