Saturday, January 21, 2012

The newest adventure

After some thought since reading the book "Wheat Belly", learning some new family information and some other recent events I've finally decided to seriously reduce and eliminate gluten from our diet. 

Wheat is not necessary to survival unlike vegetables, fruit and protein sources.

While I absolutely adore milk it too is not necessary for survival. Since no one in our immediate household is allergic or sensitive to dairy I will keep it in our diets for now. 

I have a bunch of books on hold from the library to help me through the process.I know with any life change there will be hard times so I'm not going to focus on substitutions right now. I'm going to focus on incorporating more protein and vegetables in our meals so we don't miss the gluten containing foods.

I can't just go cold turkey but I will start by not buying crackers or bread and make more "one dish" meals with rice and potaotes to make up for the lack of bread and things. 

I do believe the hardest thing about this is my love of baked goods. I absolutely LOVE cooking. I do feel that once we eliminate gluten that not only will I start to have the energy that I should for my age but also my whole family will start to feel better. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with my family but I do think it will help us achieve optimum health. If, by years end, there is no difference in health I may call it quits but again by then I would be so used to figuring out baked goods by then I may just stay gluten free just because I will have gotten used to it by then and there are benefits to being gluten free as stated in various studies I've read online. 

Well the journey begins! 

Time to start making major choices to eliminate gluten from our diets without making a big deal out of it, without going broke and without losing my sanity as I cook for my family.

This will be interesting and I can't wait to see what the health benefits will be once we are off the gluten totally.

Here's to health!


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