Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Goals

This whole holiday season has been wonderful. (I say "holiday" not to be politically correct rather because there are multiple holidays my family celebrates).

I got to see my brother AND sister who are both in college at different parts of the US. My brother was here for a week and my sister for two. It was so wonderful to be together again as siblings! Trying to get a years worth of fun into one or two weeks sure isn't possible although we had lots of fun and made some good memories! I will have to cherish them until the next time we can be together!

Yesterday I decided to write down some goals I would like to attain this year. Not really a resolution but goals in the sense of things that I have always wanted to do. Maybe more like a yearly bucket list of sorts- if that can be considered a bucket list. 

I was hoping my sister could help me update my blog and help me to personalize it because I don't have the time to sit down and figure out how to design it so it suits me better BUT instead we went out and enjoyed life which is a better choice in my opinion. I will see if one of my friends can help me out with the blog design. So stay tuned to a better, more personalized blog in the weeks to come! 

I'm thinking about adding my yearly goal list to my blog and checking them off as I reach them.

I guess over all my hopes for this year is to be more relaxed and savor life more. I got a good head start this past year doing that and really enjoying life as it comes but I'd like to take that to a new level and really savor the regular chores in order to make them not "chores". (You know, like the daily 'chore' of dishes!) I think I can get to the point of enjoying the most mundane if I get the right perspective on it. 

Another thing I am slowly starting to change and would like to really improve on this year is project accumulation. I over load myself with change. I try to learn too many new things at once. I'm getting more systematic and figuring out what one thing I want to concentrate on. I've become a jill of all trades and master of none and quite stressed out at that. 

So instead of trying to teach myself to home can a bazillion different things this year I'm going to limit it to the two most important things that my house could use: canned meat and canned beans. I taught myself to do pickles, rhubarb sauce, fancy jellies, dilly beans and tomatoes this past year and at times I started getting stressed  because it all took too much away from my kids so I'm going to take it easier on myself and this year my kids will be able to "help" more and I want to be able to enjoy what I'm doing with the kids underfoot and include them so no one is stressed. Me, my husband OR my kids. It's not worth it if we are stressed. I'd rather pay more money and buy organic canned items at the store than hurt my husband or kids feelings in the process. SO enjoyment is key and necessary to the necessary task of canning. I think I figured that out when I was canning tomatoes. I finally started to enjoy it with the kids. 

Also about gardening this year. I totally won't be pregnant this year (I can't be as I'm still healing internally from surgery!) I may have mentioned this in my last posting on how I want to simplify the garden. I am going to try to grow Arugula this year but I am going to do so in a special bed rather than just in the garden so it will be easier for me to care for AND the kids won't trample it that way. I'm going to also keep my garden simple in it's design this year so the kids won't really hurt anything. I'm just planting the stuff we eat the most while trying out one or two new things and not overloading myself in the mean time. Arugula and some type of melon will be my "new things" this year in the fact that Arugula is totally new to me in the growing aspect and melons never grew well for me so I'd like to pick a muskmelon OR watermelon (NOT both) and learn to grow them well. 

I put away my sewing stuff because the kids were obsessed with my machine and almost hurt themselves on it so I put it away for when they get older. I can still use it upstairs but I wasn't able to find a sewing table for myself so I am just putting sewing things on hold unless I have to do some mending. As for crafting I have always wanted to learn to knit. I can crochet at the intermediate level comfortably and I would like to try out some advanced things but I prefer the finished look of knitting so I'm going to put crocheting on hold so I can learn to knit. So that is what my plans are the rest of this winter. 

Ok so I have two goals for the rest of this winter. The most important one is to purge and organize everything again so I have the necessities and some of my favorite niceties but get rid of the excess baggage in case we end up moving this year. Anything is possible and even if we don't move it will be nice to be rid of clutter! The other goal I have for the rest of the winter IS to teach myself to knit. So purging and knitting are the things to finish in the next 4 months until April when spring and getting the garden ready comes!

Well I think that sums up most of my thoughts. I will have to finish later as baby wants to eat so ta ta for now!

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