Friday, January 6, 2012

Things My Kids Taught Me

~Give up your preconceptions on what life will be like with kids and instead accept what life IS like and savor it. . . Or you will be on your way to the 'cuckoo house'.

~The only thing sanitary are hospitals. Life is messy and so are kids. See above point.

~Even if kids both have the same exact toy they will only want to play with one of them and proceed to fight desperately in order to have "mine, gimme it!".

~Naptime (or even Quiet time) is pure, afternoon bliss.

~Dinner time is usually a wonderful time to watch a budding artist learn concepts in depth, color and technique.

~Slip up once and give your child juice as a treat and that is all they ask for from that moment on. Sorry, water it is!

~Potty training can be fun, but for whom I'm not sure. (Look, mama! Ucky-uck. There! Ew! Mamaaaaa!) (Yep, sure enough there is a big log jam on the carpet. Wasn't naptime supposed to be bliss?! See point one again)

~There are no absolutes. Haha (had to throw that one in there!)

~I'm hungry. NOW

~If one kid doesn't like what is for dinner but wants dessert (the few times we actually have it) that one kid will sneak her food over to her brother and he eats a double portion, is too full for dessert and the one kid thinks she got away with it and doesn't get dessert either. (Mama wasn't born yesterday! It doesn't help Mama was an oldest child and did the same exact thing to her brother! haha)
~Everyone started out as a kid and most remain that way. Age is only a number inside someone's mind on how old they think they are.

~Kids either keep you young or make you age fast. See point one and decide which one you want to be.

~Life is short, childhood shorter so give hugs and kisses often.

~Thanks for sweeping the floor Mom, now I can decorate it with cracker sprinkles! Glitter!!! 

My kids are great teachers. I have lightened up. I take more time to smell the roses... pick them, kiss an owie from a thorn on the stem then bring whats left of it home to put in a vase. I am now a linguist, nurse, maid, chef, seamstress, librarian, designer, hair stylist, photographer, journalist of baby books, chauffeur, teacher, day planner and most importantly a Mom! I love my kids and how they have changed my life for the better. I hope as both my husband and I raise them that we can help them to be better people than ourselves someday.
Yes, my kids are great teachers!


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