Tuesday, January 3, 2012

C'est la Vie

And so my thoughts continue. Quite interesting enough I have been taking a more relaxed view on life. Seriously what CAN we control in life? We can't control if we get a flat tire on the way to work, if the kids get the stomach flu AFTER you are ready to run to town. . . Seriously any parent knows that during any wintery/rainy season you will get the inevitable stinky diaper AFTER you put the child into their carseat. . . 

So what can we do? Flip out, get stressed and look twice our age OR take what comes our way as it comes our way and only deal with it then? It sounds so easy its quite dumbfounding at first take. I mean sure we have to  be responsible in life- that is common sense but not everything has to be planned out to the jot!

I have found in the past few weeks that if I quit giving myself a huge "to-do" list to get done each day and just do what needs to be done as I can get to it that I have become a better parent, less stressed and yes, I do get more sleep at night- thank you very much!

A big part of my sleepless nights has been stress. I haven't even realized I had been slowly getting stressed out again until my husband told me I need to stop it. He is so right. I didn't even notice I was running myself into the ground with ridiculous expectations instead of just being myself. Thanks to him setting me back on the path of being myself things have been so much better! I have been sleeping better at night, the house has been picked up, the kids are happier and I have more time to read and teach them things than before when I had this  nagging list.

Common sense sees what needs to be done. Who needs a list to tell them that. I quit losing weight after my surgery and I believe stress was wreaking havoc on my body and possibly preventing my body from healing after surgery as quickly as it should for my age.

Yep, whatever happens will happen. If worrying won't fix the problem then why worry? It's no wonder americans have so many problems and are the society with the most prescription medicines. A lot of health problems can be traced back to stress. I'm not a doctor but I read enough to figure that out! 

So my humble advice to the world is to be yourself, enjoy life and deal with problems when they come. Don't anticipate WHAT problems you could have, problems happen in life and come to us all, so why worry about what kind of problems you will have. Cross that bridge when it comes to you. Until then enjoy the life God has blessed you with to the best of your ability and if God brought you to it He will bring you through it. 

Life goes on. Some days you step in it, some days you don't. 


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