Monday, January 23, 2012

Musings on going Gluten Free

I have been doing more thinking on this whole going gluten free thing. My main question is this: Is going gluten free enough for good health?

I ask this because I remember some reading I did last year on wheat how most of the products that are labeled as "gluten free" (or shortened to GF) are just as bad if not worse than the products that are gluten containing! Just take a look at the ingredient list. There are something on those ingredient lists that I don't buy in the regular gluten containing food I've been buying!!!

I told myself that there must be something more than just going gluten free, especially since a lot of the bigger companies are starting to cash in on that trend (hence the crazy ingredient lists). 

Enter what I have found called the Paleolithic diet. The more I read about it the more I am interested in it. I have placed some holds on some library books about it and have been doing some internet research on the subject as well as time allows (which isn't much!). 

I may do more than just go "gluten free" and maybe I will switch over to a more whole foods concept more so than what I've already been doing. 

This paleo diet makes sense because it looks more like what we SHOULD be eating instead of the highly processed frozen pizzas and cheesy puffs of today. If you are what you eat then I def don't want to be a cheesy puff! I'd rather be healthy as a vegetable! 

The one thing that does concern me on a personal level is their limited if not total elimination of dairy from the diet. I know some people are sensitive to dairy products but I thrive on them. Now, maybe I just think I'm thriving and maybe the reason why I'm feeling sick all the time is because I love dairy so much. 

I guess anything is worth a try, the appealing thing of trying this diet is not because its a new fangled thing. Yes, eating naturally has gone out of style to some effect because of the "ease" of processed foods but its not extreme in the fact where it's almost impossible to do and not healthy. I'm sure there will be a period of detox, and from what I've read there will be but the end result is a healthy LIFE. I'm not just after a healthy body I want a healthy life. So many diets out there are for temporary use that you eventually go off of (intentionally) once you lose the weight and most of the time people will go back to their old way of eating because it was a weight change not life change. 

So I have more looking into this but besides going gluten free and "missing out" on donuts well, if it keeps me from being a diabetic when I'm 70 then I'll pass on the donuts and have another steak or salad. Hold the croutons please.

~Searching for healthier eating for life~

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