Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Food, Lifestyles and Philosophy

As I looked more into the paleo diet I started seeing a heavy trend of evolutionist type stuff. Then it got me thinking into more philosophical reasons of why people start following the diet (besides the plain up front reasons I had listed in previous posts). I got some feedback from one of my cousins and I liked what she had to say about it. She was able to explain what I was trying to! Yeah! I love getting feedback. 

Feedback is good, it helps you to further develop your opinions and explanations on why you do what you do and why you believe what you believe. 

Well anyhow I still have some books on hold at the library I need to pick up so I can read more into but I don't think we will be following the paleo diet per se. I guess it's like the difference between vegan and 'just' a vegetarian. Well maybe that doesn't really explain it.

I read quite a few different "diet" books, certain cookbooks and health books and so on. Some were fad diets that I never intended on following but I wanted to understand better what other people were talking about (mainly so I didn't fall into the fad trap!) and while those books were full of catchy lines, they just weren't a life changing diet. 

There goes the lifestyle part. When you want to make a positive but permanent diet change or any change in life for that matter it becomes a lifestyle. On first look I loved the paleo diet. But the more I have looked into the past few days the more I realize I only agree with the basis of the whole plan. I don't believe we evolved from slump into monkeys into man. 

So in my position I really can't say I'm going to follow the paleo diet because I don't believe in it in it's entirety. Just like I could not follow a vegan lifestyle because I don't believe in it. 

Yes, I do think it's very important to make some permanent changes in my family's eating habits but I am going to come up with my own diet as I will take bits and pieces of different diets and combine them so I am not philosophically becoming something I'm not or don't want to slip into being. Nutritionally we will be very healthy, our lifestyle will change and grow and expand but not in "new worldly" ways therefore philosophically we will stay true to what we believe while changing our diet in order to get attain the best health God allows us and also staying true to what we believe.

A very important thing I must mention is gmo's. When bread is mentioned in the Bible and other very old writings the wheat wasn't like it is now. A lot of our food is genetically modified therefore is changed. So it wasn't just our diets that changed over the time from Adam and Eve to now but also the actual whole food itself. I consider sometimes if that is what it means in Revelations that our food will harm us. Not sure, I'm too tired to make intelligent speculations. Just some food for thought. It's good to think. In fact there was an excellent quote I heard from someone famous but I can't recall it at this time. If I remember I will edit the post and add it later. 

It's good to think for yourself and stay true to what you believe! Don't settle for less than who you are just because everyone else is doing something. Research everything, learning always.

Busy doing researching and learning like always,

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